Is God mad at me? Is he disappointed in me as a person? Does he allow bad things to happen to me to teach me lessons in life? Does God put sickness on me or my kids to get my attention or to teach me some higher purpose in life? These are questions that many people have which makes them wonder is God really good or is he good just sometimes , or is he just good to certain people that he loves more?
The good news is, no, God is not mad at you. He is not disappointed in you as a person. God does not allow bad things to happen to you to teach you lessons in life. No, God does not put sickness on you or your children to teach you things. God is a good and He is always good.
Pastor Dave preaches the word in a simple easy-to-understand manner which will help you grasp the great truths of God’s word and apply them to everyday life. Through understanding God’s word you can know that God loves you, he has a wonderful plan for your life and as it says in Psalm 84 verse 11 no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.