Life Groups are designed to help us form a more authentic relationship with God while building friendships with one another.

Whether you are reading through a book study together, sharing thoughts on the previous weekend’s message, or focusing in on a portion of scripture, we know that being a part of Life Groups will not only help you to grow spiritually, but enhance your personal relationships as well.

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Core Men

Camaraderie, discipleship and accountability is what this is about. Guys who don’t like average, who come alive in the face of a serious challenge and are willing to risk it all, will thrive here.

Life comes too fast to settle for mediocre, so bring your “A” game and get ready to become God’s definition of a real man.


young adults

This group connects you to God's plan for your life. Young Adults is where you can build healthy relationships, be encouraged, and have fun. It keeps you grounded and steady as you navigate life. What a great place to belong to!

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Sisterhood is an awesome group of women who know who they are in God. It’s a sisterhood of ladies who are not ashamed of their God.
We talk about real issues like motherhood, kids, marriage, and look into the Word of God for real answers.

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Grow is for everyone who is hungry for God. Our mission is for you to connect to God together and join the body of Christ to grow in the things of God and enter into a deeper relationship with Him. You will receive supernatural revelation and experience transformation in all areas of your life that will carry into the next generation!